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February 2016

Common problems faced by individuals starting a T-shirt company

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I don’t have alot of funds!
This is where on-Demand printing comes into play. You don’t have any capital invested in the actual merchandise. You only print when you make a sale. Your only other expense will be website set-up costs and even those are eliminated when you sell on E-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. There are no charges to list your products here.
I don’t know how to create T-shirt designs!
And you don’t need to. Ever.

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All you need to know is what your target market wants. Give the people what they want in this case. You can also source creative and beautiful designs from websites like 99desgins.com, Fiverr.com for a very nominal charge.
I don’t know how to market my website!
You can get free publicity via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter and other options like Reddit, SEO, blogs etc. You can also pay to get your company more publicity via the same platforms.
It is so easy to start up an online T-shirt business when the product creation and marketing can be so inexpensively. So pack up your excuses and get started!

Best E-commerce platforms for online retail stores in India

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India’s thirst for shopping has grown this decade and it doesn’t look like it’s going down anytime soon.

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So many people are lured into this net cast by the growth of shopping ventures but few master the art of setting up an easy-to-use customer friendly website.

If you are looking to build an store and you have no coding expertise then Managed E-commerce platforms is the perfect fit for you. You will have the following comforts:

  • Hundreds professional store templates and beautiful layouts
  • Large choice of add-ons
  • Logistics support
  • Major Payment gateways integration
  • SEO Compliant
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile app development support
  • Centralised dashboard to sell across multiple channels

Here’s a list of three brands that we think might suit your needs:


With over 70,000+ sites, Shopify is one of the more popular names in the business.


Basic – $29/month, Professional- $79/month, Unlimited – $179/month.



Mumbai-based Zepo is the perfect solution to customers looking for a company with a better understanding of the local market. They’ve powered over 2000 stores as of now.


Seed – Rs.1,999, Grow-Rs.3,999, Establish- Rs.6,999, Expand- Rs.14,999



Delhi-based KartRocket has already powered over 1900 stores and is preferred for its understanding of the local market as well.


Economy – Rs.3000, Premium- Rs.7000, Enterprise- Custom pricing

Starting up a T-shirt Website online

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Starting up an online retail store that sells T-shirts is fairly one of the most popular business start-ups. And this is so for an abundance of good reasons. Here is how it works:

Once you set up an online store or decide to sell your designs on platforms like Flipkart and Amazon, you have to find T-shirt suppliers and printers. Most times, the T-shirt supplier can also be the printer or at least will be able to put you in touch with one.

Let’s say you have a total of 15 designs you want printed on T-shirts. The supplier might have 10+ colors of T-shirts available. So you decide what design will look great on which colour of T-shirt.

Screen printing is one of the oldest and most popular options for T-shirt printing. It is economical but also requires a minimum quantity to work with. You may have to print a minimum of 100 T-shirts per design. So with 15 designs you will now have a stock of 1500 T-shirts in various sizes. Of these, you may not be able to sell certain designs in certain sizes. So these T-shirts may remain with you as dead stock. Let’s say 400 of these T-shirts are dead stock. This in itself may have swallowed up half of your profits.

For example: A bio-wash cotton T-shirt may cost Rs.140. Screen Print cost for a two colour design may be Rs.35. Other expenses may be Rs.10. So the cost of T-shirt will be Rs.185. Total stock of 1500 T-shirts will cost you 2.5 lakh upwards. And you cannot guarantee how many will get sold and how many will be dead stock. So assuming again, 400 are not sold, Rs.70,000 upwards will be weighing you down.

This is where a Print on Demand service comes handy. Rajdeep clothing company offers T-shirt fulfilment services that will eliminate inventory risks. The process is very different from the do-everything-yourself way.

Once you set up a website, and invest in marketing the same, you will start getting orders. These orders will be sent to Rajdeep clothing, where T-shirts in 18 colours and 6 different styles are kept in stock. The needed T-shirt will be printed on and packed with provided branding (Tags, Stickers, pamphlets). Then picking the most viable domestic courier option, the package will be shipped directly to your customer. Here, you have no investment and therefore no loss, making this a foolproof business plan for your online venture.