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Common problems faced by individuals starting a T-shirt company

By February 3, 2016Uncategorized

I don’t have alot of funds!
This is where on-Demand printing comes into play. You don’t have any capital invested in the actual merchandise. You only print when you make a sale. Your only other expense will be website set-up costs and even those are eliminated when you sell on E-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. There are no charges to list your products here.
I don’t know how to create T-shirt designs!
And you don’t need to. Ever.

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All you need to know is what your target market wants. Give the people what they want in this case. You can also source creative and beautiful designs from websites like 99desgins.com, Fiverr.com for a very nominal charge.
I don’t know how to market my website!
You can get free publicity via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter and other options like Reddit, SEO, blogs etc. You can also pay to get your company more publicity via the same platforms.
It is so easy to start up an online T-shirt business when the product creation and marketing can be so inexpensively. So pack up your excuses and get started!

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  • Lalit Sharma says:

    Hi there,
    I also want to start online t-shirts selling on amazon and flipkart etc. Can you please help me to know how much capital I have to invest totally to start the business. And also I am interested I your job. Great site. Please send me some of pics related to your products, quality of cloth used, gsm and also prices.